Log files

on August 9, 2006

That may seem obvious for people who knows, but for the ones who doesn’t, find some kind of log files about Sharepoint is nto very easy.

I’m writing this article for two reasons:

1. Show where to find many log files through the Sharepoint interface

2. Gather feed feedback from you readers… If you know more locations and/or tips to get information on the so many problems that can occurs with SPS. Let me know… I’ll update or create a new article to build something more complete about this.

Now let’s start with the easy one: The interface to manage and read the SPS log files is accessible through a menu in:
Sharepoint Portal Server Central Administration -> Components section -> Configure Disgnostic.

Unfortunately for me, even when I first found out this menu, I never found any relevant information in there. I mean, it never helped me to resolve a problem. But when I can’t find, I always sneak around to see if I could see somehting relevant… ;-)