How-to use a Querty Keyboard on an Azerty/French computer

on January 2, 2007


Happy new year! :p

This article is best intended for people like me that are working in a foreign country.

I just can’t work with an Azerty Keyboard. I looks like I just discover the computer for the first time.

My first tries to fix the problem were horrible.

You set your new keyboard in the regionnal setting (For me “Canada Francais - Canada Francais".) You set it as default. You leave The “France - Francais” for French people that may want to log on locally.

From there you think it will work… Nhaaaaaaa.

Because those settings affect only your profile in Windows. Since your profile is set to you only after your session is authenticated, you MAY no get the Canada-Francais keyboard at logon.

There is some behaviours depending on the initial installation of Windows. If it was France and English US, your logon windows will be this way instead of your new layout. Uf you handled to add remove the keyboard in the regionnal settings many times in diffrent ways has I did, You may end with “France” or “English US” With “Canada Francais” in the logon window.

In my case it was like this for couple companies I was working with. It was starting in English, so I just “ALT + Shift” my logon window to swap to “Canada Francais".

That worked for a while. Once, I had to change of computer again. I did my trick and I was afraid to discover that I was stuck with France and English US.

Then, I found out the magic button… The final solution is to expend your profile setting to the “Default profile” (All users at logon window). To do so, you open your regionnal setting, make sure the setting are properly set as I mentionned earlier. You then select the “Options avancees” (Advanced options) and tick the “Appliquer tous les paramètres au compte utilisateur actuel et au profil utilisateur par defaut. :idea:

That’s it.

Everytime you boot up, you get “Canada Francais".