Logout button Implementation as a Web Part

on August 7, 2006

Logout button Implementation as a Web Part

This Web Part Implement a logout button to the top nav bar in WSS or SPS 2003.

I adapted the code to remove the need to modify the original Sharepoint file (OWSBROWS.JS). Just drop the web part anywhere in each pages you want to use the logout button. This way, if you use an external service provider or you do not want to modify the original installation file, you can get your feature anyway.

Edit the source from the web part to modify the wording and/or the colors.

The current version has the wording in French. since there are no dll, you can import it directly to your site.

Have fun!

Logout button Web Part


Jordan said...

Thanks for this. I installed the web part and it works well, tho the placement is ... not optimal. It tries to fit in under the tabs.

I am new to SharePoint hacking. I'm reading your xml code but I am not sure how to modify it to place the button in a new location, like along the right beside the "Welcome {user}" widget, or beside the "site actions" tab.

Do you have any tips for me?

Yann de Champlain said...

Sorry for being so late. You can include the script side of the web part in another open code web part to fit in a zone. In my exemple, the logout was lcated in a place where it was not possible to edit using the regular method. The link to the web part is broken at the moment I wrote these lines. I'll figure if I can restore ths and look a bit deeper.