How to "properly" Print a Sharepoint Calender view

on August 8, 2006

How Print a Sharepoint Calender on one page

This problem is well documented on the Internet. And there was no real solution.

One soluition is to link the calender in Outlook. We can’t go this way right now. And even if we could, there are other problems related to this…

The solution I found is the following:

1.Select the part of the page you want to print. Select the calender.
a)The easiest way to do so is the place the mouse ouside and under the last square (Down-Right)
b)Left Click and drag up (Vertical Really) to the middle of the tool bar.
c)If you did it properly you’ll get the whole calendar without the tool bar and other page content.

Screen Shot of the calender's selection
Screen Shot of the calender’s selection

3.On the print window, select “Selection”
4.Click Preference
5.Click Advance
6.On the Graphic section, there is a zoom field that should be sett o 100%, change it to 75%
7.Click Ok, Ok, Print.


Kajan said...

Alternatively you can use Unbounded Printing Services for SharePoint which allows you to print list and library views in addition to many other useful features.