Active Directory Import (Profiles)

on August 7, 2006

Often I’m asked questions about AD import into the SPS Profiles. Many people think that the profiles in SPS are what provide the security to the Portal. It’s wrong.

There is actually no real connection between the Portal security and the profiles itself. The profiles are just a Directory “usually” created from Active Directory. Althoug the profiles can help in providing rights using the Audiences. Because the audiences takes their info from the profiles.

By the way, this article is not a debate on this but on a real problem I experienced. If you run into the same kinf of problem you’ll know where to look.

I had people having access to the Portal but I was never able to retreive them through the AD Import process.

the problem was the configuration of the source. This portal is part of a multinational company and therefore, we have many forest, many domain and trust etc.

You need to pay attention the the “OU” in the configuration of the connection, you have a field called “Search base:". In that field you can set the “OU” (Organizational Unit).

If you set an OU that do not include all the people having access to your portal, it will result in empty profiles…