Tip for TAB order in Visual Studio

on August 4, 2005

If, like me you uses the push-pin button to hide the TABs on VS, here how to order them.

Visual Studio 2003:You only need to use the Push-pin button on every panel. In fact, you need to do it in the order you want. The last pin-up-pin-down you do, goes at the end of the list. So if you want to get the SOlution Explorer on top, you must pin-up-pin-down every TAB that are ordered up the the solution explorer.

Visual Studio 2005:It is now different. Easier I should say. The push-pin act on the whole collection of panels. Set the panel so they don’t auto close and reorder them using drag and drop on the title of the tabs. Once it is set you click the push-pin to set the panels to auto-hide. They’ll be in the right order now.