Use CD-RW as a Floppy

on July 27, 2005

Windows XP method to write to CD-RW is very bad. It works exactly as if you burn a regular CD-R except that you can “reformat” (Erase) the whole CD. So, to change a file on disk, you need to start over (Reformat, transfer files, and Burn).

SO CD-RW is not a giant floppy disk for Windoze, there is software that will allow one to treat it as though it was.

The two that I know of are Roxio’s Direct CD and Nero’s InCD.As I understand it InCD is almost as unreliable as Direct CD. Direct CD is awful. The XP built-in software does not have that kind of capability.

Note: Adaptec DirecCD is now holded by Roxio. Good time’s gone. Need to get it from the EasyCDCreator C… or find another solution.